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How to find the “identity" of the choice options in the multiple choice quetion?

Rui BarcelonaCommunity Member Qubie ✭
edited July 13 in Custom Code

Hi Guys. In my survey, I need some events to function if participants click on a choice option. I know how to write the code for the trigger event. However, I could not find the identity of the choice box. For example , in the following screenshot. I could make the code listen to the text ”apple". But preferably I would like the function to be triggered when participants click on anywhere in the box.

how should I find the "id" of the blue box? I guess this should not be that hard, but I could not find it in the HTML code. I would appreciate any help here. Thanks!


  • mklubeck
    mklubeck South Bend, IndianaCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Sage ✭✭✭

    I'm confused. isn't clicking anywhere in the blue box mean they selected "Apple?" Why doesn't using the selected choice option work?

  • Rui
    Rui BarcelonaCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Thanks for your reply, Yeah, I would like to use "hover" (or anytime when they move the mouse inside the box) event instead of "click" event. I try the Qualtrics, there is "this.questionclick" available, but it seems there is no API for the "hover" event. So I want to use Jquery with the hover, but then I need to locate the box as the target of the Jquery.

  • ahmedA
    ahmedA IndiaCommunity Member, XMPN Member Wizard ✭✭✭✭✭

    Right click -> inspect element.