Filter a report by average of multiple answers to numerical questions

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I'm trying to create an individualized report in Qualtrics where participants would receive a text description based on the averages of responses to a number of questions. For example, using a 1-7 scale on questions related to different traits, participants would see a "High" description if they averaged >= 4, or a "Low" description if they averaged < 4. When creating reports, I know there's a way to add filters based on responses to individual questions, but 1) is there a way to filter based on averages to multiple questions, and 2) is there a way to create individualized reports in Qualtrics. If not, is there another language that would be easier to do this in?


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    Hmm, curious to hear what approaches others might take, but here's what I would do:

    1. Set up your average score using survey scoring.
    2. At the end of your survey flow, add an embedded data field equal to the score's weighted mean (let's call this avgscore).
    3. Use branch logic to assign a new embedded data field (let's call this scorecat) to each respondent based on avgscore, assigning scorecat equal to low or high (one branch for each category).
    4. Create a survey action to send a report to each respondent after submitting their survey, piping in the relevant score info.

    There isn't a way to create individualized reports in standard Qualtrics (as opposed to 360), but you can do a lot using auto-emails in survey actions. Alternatively, you could export your data and do a mail merge.

    I'm not sure I follow why you want to filter, particularly in individual reports, but if you have your embedded data fields described above set up as "number set" or "text set" variables, you should be able to filter by them.