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Create software license agreement style text display

edited September 2021 in Custom Code

Hello, Qualtrics community! I am designing a survey that must display a long and tedious disclaimer at the very beginning of the survey. Right now, I am using the "Text/Graphic" question type to display this disclaimer, but it takes a few pages and a lot of scroll downs to do so and that hurts user experience.

I am wondering if there's a way to create a scroll down box in Qualtrics that I have control over the size of the text box. I can put all the disclaimers into that box, which is exactly how most software license agreements are being displayed. Please refer to the blow Firefox agreement text box, this is the style I would really like to have in my survey.

Thank you!

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  • ahmedA
    ahmedA India Level 6 ●●●●●●

    You could just dump all your text on an external webpage and then embedd that as an iframe.