Tracking different respondents nested in organizations

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Dear support,
For my masterthesis i have to send out the questionnaire. I know have the problem that respondents have to anonymized but i have to know which respondent belongs to which organizations. That can be seen through the e-mailadress since the e-mail have to be forwarded to the right persons. How can i track that without asking for their e-mail or name of the organization in the survey? I hope you could help me.

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    @bansalpeeyush29 has suggest a method that will work great for keeping the survey anonymous. However, it will not link the organization and name back to the survey responses- which I suspect you need to know in order to breakout the information later?

    Use embedded data to identify an organization. You can still anonymous the survey to remove emails and names, but still use that panelist information for the organization. Heres some info on using embedded data:

    Both methods work- it depends on your use case and what you need to accomplish! If you need the organization with the information to break it out (X has a higher satisfaction than Y), you'll want to use my info. If you need the organization name just to understand the counts from each org (X had 12 respondents, Y had 24 respondents), then @bansalpeeyush29 has the better method.


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    For this make your survey and redirect respondent at end to another survey where you will ask email and organisation. Doing so your response will remain anonymous and you will also get your required information.