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Issues with GoogleMaps API integrating with Qualtrics

afclark82 London, ONCommunity Member Qubie ✭

Hi all,
I have a really weird problem happening with 5 questions we have developed using Google API. I have a series of mapping question in our survey that are "text entry" where location is identified by a participant and the XY coordinates are supposed to be placed in the text entry box. I have 1 surveys that works perfectly but the other three surveys (which are copied from the original one) has the first question working perfectly, but the 2nd through 5th questions do not show the map (just the text box where the coordinates are supposed to go).

This issue happens for participants (as I have no XY coordinates for questions 2 - 5), but when I (and the qualtrics reps) try to replicate the issue, the survey works perfectly fine!

See the attached files to see the code for WorksPerfectly & DoesNotWork.

Any ideas? I have also attached the survey link to an identical one so you can test: - The questions are in section H, so just skip to those.


Best Answer

  • afclark82
    afclark82 London, ONCommunity Member Qubie ✭
    Accepted Answer

    Figured out this issue: We had the question ID wrong in the 2nd question, so it never worked the rest of the time.