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In a matrix table item, is there a way to limit the number of ticks/choices per scalepoint? In a previous item, respondents are asked to list all examples they can think of of a specific category (e.g. "please list all Irish cities you can think of"). These answers are being carried forward to a matrix table (as statements) where they are asked to choose the top three for different categories (e.g. "now out of your answer, choose the three nicest", ".. the three biggest", etc.). I found a way to limit the number of choices/ticks per Statement ("Validation Type" => "Answer Range") but that is not what I need. I want to limit the number of ticks/choices per scalepoint (i.e. "nicest", "biggest").
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    You can use Custom Validation based on Scale Point Counts to limit the number of selections for each scale point (i.e., column).