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drill down question but with side by side

kareco indiaCommunity Member Qubie ✭
edited June 23 in Survey Platform

HI all, I want to ask students in an educational insitutite about their friends. I want to ask them like a roster again. But now I want them to tell me first which course their friend is in and which year of study. Each course and year of study combination shall prompt them with the names of all students in that class which can be upto 60 names or more. Each course nad year of study defines a class. Now they can have so many friends in the insitute and hence what I want is to be able to give thme this kind of drill down for however many friends they have in the insitute. How can I do that? Thankyou!

Best Answer


  • questionasker1
    questionasker1 Community Member Qubie ✭

    I am wondering if kareco got the help they needed? I am looking to embed a drill down option within a side by side question structure. I am essentially using the sided-by-side question type as a proxy for respondents to enter their work history. The prompt is 'Please list up to 5 prior positions you have held in the Xxx School System, including position type, district, school, and years of service'. The issue arises in Column 2: I want them to have a drill down list to first select the school district they worked for (the large pool of options) and then the school they worked for (the narrowed-down pool of options). Is there a way I can set up the structure like this?