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How to upload csv with translations into my Qualtrics survey

tan73892 Community Member Qubie ✭
edited June 23 in Survey Platform

Hi All,

I have a csv containing translations of my survey in various languages. Each language is in a different column. How do I upload this csv directly into Qualtrics, so that all the translations are incorporated into my survey. Any help will be very helpful.


Best Answers

  • Bhushan
    Bhushan IndiaCommunity Member Guru ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    Hi tan73892,

    Steps to import translations into your survey can be found here.

    Hope this helpful.


  • MSobotta
    MSobotta MinnesotaCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Guru ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    If it is in the correct format, you can easily do so in the Translate Survey section.
    1. First go to the Translate Survey section under Tools.
    2. Add which languages you have translations for
    3. Click the Translation Overview
    4. Here you can download all the languages. This will give you the format for the upload
    5. Now you can add your translations into the csv or whatever format you downloaded
    6. Within the Translation Overview you can now upload the new translations.