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Wondering if there is any workaround for the problem that loop and merge fields cannot "hold" and display (conditional on language selection, which is available info in the embedded field, Q_Language) both French and English versions of question text. I know I can branch respondents to identical but separate blocks, one of which could hold the French translated loop and merge field, but was trying to avoid that (to keep all the data in one variable, not have to change display logic later in the survey, etc.).

Any ideas?


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  • TomG
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    Pipe any loop & merge text fields you have from a question (this may mean adding a question hidden with display logic that is there just for translation purposes). Then, within the loop, hide the language selection drop-down so that the language can't be changed within the loop.

  • Clint
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    Tom the Wizard - This was great!

    To elaborate a little further:

    I set L&M = 1 as an embedded data at the top of my survey flow and my display logic on the question that has all the Loop and Merge options to If L&M is not equal to 1. Hence it's always hidden. Don't know if there's a more elegant way to do that.

    To hide the language selection drop-down, I put <style>.LanguageSelectorContainer{display:none;}</style> on the html of the individual question.

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