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I am having the hardest time calculating just a simple response rate. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?!?!?


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    They way that I have mine is Count/ Average(Enrollment).

    Enrollment is an embedded data field that I have in my survey which is the # of students who were enrolled in a course. This formula give us the responses rate per course. Do you have an embedded data field that is a number of how many people who sent the survey?

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    Count in the denominator of the custom metrics only gives you the no. of submitted responses. So, the custom metrics with that as base would not lead to correct calculations. If you've collected data via email distributions you should consider using the Distribution Table Widget ( or Distribution Reporting ( If you're using anonymous link to collect data, provided you're aware of the maximum achievable sample size (for example, only 1000 employees have access to the single link) you can add an embedded data (say, maxsample or denominator - as you prefer) and assign the value you'd expect (=1000 going by the example). Here, (Count/maxsample)*100 is (completes/maxcompletes)*100. You might also want to be careful with Survey Started as embedded data with anonymous links. The metadata captured by Qualtrics is Survey Metadata - Finished and not for started. Only if you're manually tagging the started embedded data post pausing response collection to reflect completes and partial completes by progress in Data Tab - you can expect the 'started' valueto reflect correctly.

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