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Is there a way to put a opt-out link to unsuscribe directly from de directory?

AlejandroAngulo Colombia Qubie ✭
edited June 22 in XM Directory

Hello all!

In our proyect we created a personalized HTML message for participants when they want to unsuscribe the panel. The thing is, we need a link to unsubscribe directly from the directory, not from the list. I know in this process, first you unsubscribe from the list and then there is an option to unsubcribe from de Directory. What we need is at first unsubscribe from de Directory

Is there a way to put a opt-out link to unsuscribe directly from de directory? 

Best Answer

  • lwalkerboston
    lwalkerboston Boston Qubie ✭
    Accepted Answer

    @AlejandroAngulo In case you still need this, here is what I received from Qualtrics support when I had the same question:

    Here's how to change the opt-out link to opt contacts out of the entire directory:

    For building a directory opt out link

    • Type in the text you want to display 

    • Press on the hyperlink icon 

    • Set the URL to ${l://OptOutURL}&OptOut=dir

    • Change the protocol to ‘other’ 

    Picture of what it looks like:

    This link will opt users out of the directory in one go instead of them having to press on the opt out link to opt out of the list and then press again to opt out of the directory.

    It has worked perfectly for us!


  • KRum
    KRum New Zealand Qubie ✭

    We had the same issue. Try adding OptOut=dir as a URL variable. ${l://OptOutURL}&OptOut=dir

  • AlejandroAngulo
    AlejandroAngulo Colombia Qubie ✭


    I tried to add that value but out of the brackets and the value &OptOut=dir was out de hyperlink

    Then I tried to ad the value next to the text (inside the brackets) and at first the hyperlink showed good but when I click on it the proces was as usually it works :(

    Didn´t work for me