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Dashboard Text Type Response Rate Calculation on Existing Survey

Marmar Philly Qubie ✭
edited July 10 in CX Dashboards

I have existing surveys and would like to show internal stakeholders, what our task completion rate is for each. We ask a text-type question "were you able to complete the task you came here to do today" and they answer Yes, No, I'm Not sure, or I'm Not Finished Yet.

I want to divide the Yesses into the total responses to get the yes answer completion rates. Is there a way to do this without disrupting the surveys that are live already?

My items are basic so hoping there's a basic answer. Most of the other responses I see seem more complicated.

Thank you

Best Answer

  • grahulp5
    grahulp5 India Guru ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    I believe you can just create a report for the mentioned question and get the counts for yes for the qualified respondents.


  • Marmar
    Marmar Philly Qubie ✭

    Perfect, thank you so much. That did the trick and let me add the fields I need only to export. Appreciate it.