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Too much white space in survey - how to change it?

jtj3 Phoenix AZ Qubie ✭
edited July 29 in Custom Code

I'm developing a new survey and I want to decrease the amount of white space that shows up for the survey participant.

First, it looks like the questions only take up about 2/3rds of the full page width. I don't want to run the full width of the page, but there's an awful lot of WS to either side of the question.

The second thing is that for some of the questions with slider bars, the slider text/area looks really big. In one case a single question takes up most of the web page (and it's only got like 5 sliders in it, so not a huge amount).

I'm not a CSS expert, but would welcome some advice on how I can shrink the WS and make the survey look more compact and balanced.

Best Answer

  • cbhavsar
    cbhavsar Mumbai, India Guru ✭✭
    Accepted Answer


    In the question text HTML section add below code:

    <style>.Skin .SkinInner {width: 90% !important;}</style>

    If this works, you can add the code in survey level by going in Look & Feel -- Style -- Custom CSS and add the code without style tag in there.

    If this works, please accept this as an answer to your question.

    All the very best for your project!


  • jtj3
    jtj3 Phoenix AZ Qubie ✭

    This worked, thank you!