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Hi all,

When sending an SMS distribution, the SMS received by the customer will have a "Sender" that will usually be a phone number of the country.
I believe that phone number is the one provided by the supplier of SMS services that Qualtrics use.
But, rather than the number, is there a way to customise it?
For example for UK, rather than sender of SMS being +44 7903 568 586... could it be "Client's Company Name"?

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    Hi all,
    I raise thise topic (I don't know if this is the right place to post it) because I think it's important to rename the sander like "the company name" and not with a random phone number.
    So my first question is : is it actually possible ton change the sander name for a SMS distribution from CX projects ?
    My second question is : How can we put an unsuscribe link (like send "STOP" to this phone number) directly into the SMS distribution ?

    Thank you for your answers.
    Victor MARCHAL
    The Adecco Group

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    @Victor_MARCHAL Did you solve your request? I am interesting in do what you are asking for.


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    So my first question is: is it actually possible to change the sander name for an SMS distribution from CX projects ?

    • No, you should follow the following steps:

    There is no additional charge for using an alphanumeric sender ID for most countries. And to request it you have to follow the following steps:

    Decide what you want your alphanumeric ID to be. (Alphanumeric IDs can be up to 11 characters long. Accepted characters include uppercase and lowercase ASCII letters, the digits 0-9, and space (that is, A-Z, a-z, 0-9). They cannot be just numbers.)

    Create a list of the countries to which you plan to send SMS messages.

    Contact Qualtrics Support via email to request that your alphanumeric ID be enabled. Be sure to include the information listed above. (If we reply to this email, we can proceed to do so)