Has anyone found an easier way to test changes to emails (for SFDC-integrated surveys)?

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I recently updated my email templates for all of my surveys in 3 languages and it was kind of scary and a total pain. All of them contained some piped text (e.g. client name + some less frequently referenced fields from my relevant Salesforce object) and I also newly added that the emails should come 'from' a team member they've worked with at my company (also from Salesforce) rather than my generic client experience distro. I wish there was some functionality to more easily test that things would pipe in correctly, like I'm able to do--requires some creativity--when sending emails from Marketo. Has anyone found any best practices for testing that things will work correctly outside of triggering surveys in your Salesforce staging environment or uploading fake contact lists to check the mappings? (The latter doesn't even work for the Salesforce-integrated surveys, of course.) I have had some difficulties testing in staging for surveys that I integrated many months back, as the environment has changed.

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    I am not sure this helps since I think you are already doing it, but have you created a "tester" account that you use when you need to see if everything maps, pipes, etc., correctly? For example, I use my personal email, then populate "fake" attribute data (usually copied from some other record) so that all the potential embedded data fields populate. Then when I need to test that the logic works correctly, I send myself the survey, do it quickly, then check the data output to see if it matches my expectations. This is if i need to see if embedded data mapping is done correctly (Ex. Full Name = Firstname(space)LastName).


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    Thanks for the response, @Akdashboard. I definitely send myself test surveys so I can see the emails and click into the survey, etc. As you describe. My bigger issue is when I'm testing a survey that is integrated with Salesforce, wherein the emails contain salesforce-mapped fields as piped text. This is basically impossible to check 100% unless you're easily able to do full testing in staging, which I sometimes have difficulties getting going with my salesforce admins, unless we recently integrated the survey.

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    We do a lot of emails with piped text. The only way I have found to view the functionality is working correctly is by previewing the survey, selecting to skip the validations so it is faster, submitting answers to the questions I know include piped text and then sending the email to myself.

    There would be no way to preview this without completing the survey and sending yourself an email as there is no data for the piped text to pull.