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embedded data to present specific image

  • 31 May 2023
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I have 3 surveys within a survey and I need to present a different image to participants based on 1. which treatment they were assigned and 2. how they answered the survey to which they were assigned. (example: show “example image” only for: Control condition, and participants who landed on “x y z” results page)

Below is how I am randomizing treatment. “tid” stands for treatment ID and then I branch by “tid=1” and so on. How can I use more embedded data to present participants with a specific image after they’ve completed their assigned treatment survey?


1 reply

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You can add an embedded data field ‘img’ to each of your embedded data blocks and assign it the value of the image url for each condition.  Then pipe it into your html when you want to display the image:

<img src="${e://Field/img}" alt="${e://Field/tid}">


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