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Filters for text IQ by sentiment and topic

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I need to filter by sentiment and topic using text IQ is there any way of doing this?


This customer has around 20 text IQ questions so placing a sentiment filter for each one of them my be troublesome and would look very good, does anyone has any tips in how can this be done in a more user friendly way. 😊

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It is not possible to add filter in the text iq in project. But you can  create text iq widgets on dashboard and can apply filter on the widget easily 

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We have similar issue in that our dashboards contain multiple filters for topics & verbatim search for each free text question using TextiQ on within the same program.  We have not found a way to use Text iQ filters across multiple data fields at once. Our alternative, which isn’t always suitable is spreading Text iQ widgets across multiple dashboard pages, to minimise the filters on each individual page (& long names required to distinguish between them).

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