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Is there a message board option?

  • 29 November 2023
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At the end of an individual survey, I’d like participants to be able to go to a message board and share ideas with each other (reading what other participants write). Is this an option in Qualtrics? Would an idea board be able to work for this? Or do idea boards require people to sign into a Qualtrics account? My participants will complete the survey from a survey link without having their own Qualtrics accounts. Are there any options for survey participants to interact with each other? Thanks for any ideas.

3 replies

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Qualtrics doesn’t has this out of the box.

But you can direct participants to an external platform for discussion. Include a redirect link to a message board, forum, or social media group in your survey completion message. Platforms like Reddit, Discord, or other forum software can serve this purpose.


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Qualtrics do have one option, may not be exactly the same way you are looking for. Please check for frontline feedback option if available in your license.

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You need to find an external platform that provides what your looking for and then just link to it from Qualtrics.  This sort of collaboration function isn’t something Qualtrics offers and is a different type of proposition to what Qualtrics looks to achieve.  Embedding a link or setting up a survey to automatically redirect to another site is easy to achieve however.  

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