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My data is all gone

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I put out my survey for my msc thesis, when I removed a question/moved randomization blocks, I lost all my data. Even when I put the question back in, it is still all lost. At data&analysis it says 0/11, so it says that there are 11 completed but there is 0 data? This is really confusing, can anyone help me retrieve the data?

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When you change the questions a warning appears, that all data will be deleted. 

You can reach out to Qualtrics Support and see if they can help.

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If you haven't deleted the whole data from data and analysis, then you can use revision history to revise the previous version and can download the data. Then again rollback the revision history to get the new version. Then upload the same data into the new version of the survey.


Secondly if you have deleted the data from data and analysis option then please reachout to Qualtrics support team. Keep handly the detail of survey, date and time of delete activity and user account name who deleted the survey data. They will rollback the data from back up.

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You can reach out to Qualtrics to restore any data you’ve deleted, but if you’ve not deleted the responses you can revert to the last version of the survey it was present in the revision history as Arun noted. If you made a ton of changes to your survey while doing that, you’ll maybe need Qualtrics to assist as you could lose the new data points. Looks like you have only 11 responses so it doesn’t sound too late.


 One way I handle questions I no longer use but want to keep the data is to put them into a block that only displays if impossible parameters are met (usually if a text entry question contains a string of text someone would never say like “zombies, puppies, unicorns”. 


I also do the display logic trick with punches I want to remove from visibility but want to keep the data for on a question. But obviously that’s not a block.

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