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Changing Ending Messages Questionnaire

  • 22 August 2018
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I want to personalize the ending message of the questionnaire with a debriefing of the research.
I know there is a button with options for ending questionnaire and selected adjusted and wrote a new messages.
But when I select preview I don't see my own ending messages.

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4 replies

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Please publish survey and try taking another test link.

You can also change in survey flow by customising end of survey element.
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There are two ways to select customized EOS( End of Survey) message
1) If only some Part of the users are to be shown a customized EOS message then use the End of Survey Block to customize the message
If you dont select the override survey options then EOS will be same as default
2)If major part of the users have to end their survey then change the default survey options from here
I've tried all the options but still get the same default messages at the end of the questionnaire.
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Shannen I figure out what happened in my case, maybe it can work in yours too.

The survey has Portuguese as language, while the costume end os survey message was saved as if it written in english.
I changed that and now it is working just fine.

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