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How do you change Authenticator message

  • 19 February 2018
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I have a registration form that needs authentication. No problem. However, it's possible that a student finishes training at a different location and needs to re-register at location #2. When they register at location #2, the authentication message says "You have already completed the survey." I need the authentication message to give link to a second online registration form. How do I change the message? This isn't a failed authentication.

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10 replies

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I'm pretty sure there is no option to change that message. It shows up because you have not checked the "Allow authenticating respondents to retake authenticated section" under authenticator options. If I understand correctly, you don't want them to retake it, you want them to take a different survey. I think the only way to change that message would be to hack it by adding a JavaScript to the Authentication Prompt Text message that looks for the "You have already completed this survey" text and changes it when the page loads.
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Has anyone been able to successfully customize this message ("You have already completed this survey") using JavaScript?
> @Nadaly said:
> Has anyone been able to successfully customize this message ("You have already completed this survey") using JavaScript?

Please see this thread
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@Shashi - I read that thread and tried adding that line of code to the header, but it changed the end of survey message, not the red text error message I was hoping to change. I'd love to get better instructions from you if I'm misunderstanding...

@TomG - Have you attempted this customization?
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Reviving this old thread. Does anyone know a way to change the authenticator error message when someone tries to authenticate for a second time? (Not how to change the more general message when someone tries to complete a survey they've already completed without a survey flow authenticator.)

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Hello NickVEIC
You can include the below code in header of look and feel

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Deepak 

This would be helpful for me but I can’t see you code.

Thanks :)

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@parkie_0007 I think it got lost in the migration

/*Place your JavaScript here to run when the page loads*/

jQuery('.ValidationError').text('this is the update');


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Thanks @Deepak !

Any idea how I would hide a question if an email authentication was not successful?

Thanks :)

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If the subsequent blocks are nested within authentication branch it wouldn’t be shown to the respondent.

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