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Shorter Personal Links

  • 21 August 2018
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Has Qualtrics developed the ability to create shortened Personal Links so one would not have to go to an external site such as "tinyurl" or some other URL shortening Web Service. As of March this was not available but wondering if something had been done since. Thank you

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7 replies

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hi @chaz,
Link can be customized in Anonymous Survey Link but I think shorting is not yet available.
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Thank you, appreciate the input, will see what a "Anonymous Survey Link" is. If anyone has additional input appreciate hearing from you.
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@chaz I don't think the anonymous link option is what you want. It sounds like you want an actual short URL with a redirect to the longer Qualtrics URL. The anonymous survey link feature lets you create a hyper link with some shortened text but it isn't actually a shorter URL.

I think you best bet is using the outside provider for a shortened URL to the anonymous and if it is really important to know who the respondent is then to add an authenticator to the survey to collect that personal information.
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Thank you, chaz
Badge +1 issue i'm facing. We don't share personal survey links with 3rd party shortened app. If Qualtrics got shortener, that'd be the best of all.

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If this is something you want to see, I recommend upvoting this string in Product Ideas as well as explaining why it would be a helpful tool.


100% agree with shorter link feature. Survey Gizmo has this feature. Super easy to use.

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