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Want SSO login link option for "login.qualtrics.com"

  • 5 March 2021
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My company has SSO for Qualtrics. However, we have a specific link that we have to go to in order to access it.
On the general Qualtrics login page, there is no link/option to go to SSO, and I have to remember go hunt down my link to get in.
image.pngIf I accidentally try to sign in (forgetting I need SSO), I get an error message. Nothing from this page reminds me, based on my company email suffix, that I need to use SSO. Would vastly prefer if there was an error message that helped redirect me to an SSO sign in flow.


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4 replies

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Although I don't have the specific solution, this Qualtrics Support page may help.

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I also love this idea Kathryn but I think the place you want to post this is Product Ideas!

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I was looking for the same. thanks for providing the link to Qualtrics Support page Jon

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https://community.qualtrics.com/XMcommunity/discussion/comment/35371#Comment_35371Thank You so much brother , you save my day 😀. I was also looking for this link.

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