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🖐️ National High Five Day & 5 For The Fight

AmaraW Seattle, WA, USACommunity Administrator Administrator
edited September 16 in Community Programs & Events

🖐️ Celebrate National High Five Day Through 5 For The Fight:

April 15, 2021, is National High Five Day and we want to celebrate with you and 5 For The Fight!

The Qualtrics-led nonprofit, 5 For The Fight, is a global campaign inviting everyone to donate $5 to the fight against cancer. Each donation is made in honor of someone who is battling or has been touched by the disease. To date, 5 For The Fight has raised more than $26 million to help eradicate cancer with one hundred percent of those funds donated directly to the world’s leading cancer researchers. 5 For The Fight is featured on the Utah Jazz jersey patch and is the only cause-related jersey patch in the NBA. 

If you want to learn more about Five For The Fight and Steele, visit this website. Looking to contribute beyond a video? Feel free to donate here!

🏁 Earn a Badge & Set a World Record:

We want to help Steele, an 8-year-old cancer fighter, set the World Record for the longest high five chain in the world! In order to do so, we need to collect 6,000 five-second videos of high fives. You can earn this badge worth 25 points by following three easy steps to submit your video here. Comment when you've submitted your video so we can confirm your submission with our team! Feel free to share it with the community!


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