Hi All,How can we add a proper graphic into a question in qualtrics

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Hi all, I ma trying to add a proper graphic in a question in qualtrics. But I can only do so through a link (insert graphic icon on rich content editor). But I want the graphic directly in the question. Could you please guide on how one can do that? thankyou!

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  • PeeyushBansal
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    Going to survey library you can store your graphic there in graphics library and you can use link of that graphic in your question.


  • bstrahin
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    You don't always have to save the graphic in Qualtrics if it is already online. I have a survey where I have to show information for several faculty (name, link to their bio, picture) all in the Descriptive Text question type. I use embedded data in the survey flow to set the name, link, and image using branching in survey flow. I then use piped text in the Descriptive Text question option to call the variable for my image.

    In my survey flow, the variable for the image uses the following code to size and point to the image already on the internet so I don't have to save more graphics in my Qualtrics library.


  • kareco
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    Hi peeyush, thankyou for the reply. I tried that but it really distorted the quality of the image. Participants would not be able to read anything in the picture. Bsaically I created a diagram in PPT and then took a picture of it and saved it in JPEG format. is there a better way to insert a ppt picture in qualtrics using the graphics option you suggesT? Please do guide

  • kareco
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    Hi bstrahin, Thankyou for the reply. But I created that picture myself and stored it in library on qualtrics. Please note my last comment. Do you have any suggestions for that?

  • kareco
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    Hi both, sorry, for bombariding with questions, but it is okay now. I have solved the graphics problem, I had to save the original picture in a better format. Fortunately I can directly convert a Ppt into a PNG