Problem with using a web service for IP lookup

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I am trying to implement a way to check if respondents are using proxies while answering my survey.
I set up the web service and logic already (using, and have tested it by feeding it made up IP addresses (for example ) and my API key.
That generates the desired embedded variables, which I can save and use successfully.

However, when I try to use Qualtrics' own IP address variable and pipe it directly into the web service URL, the web service can't interpret it.
I double-checked the content and format of the IP address Qualtrics would pipe in, and if I take the same values, manually input them into the query (in place of the piped text variable with the same content) and test it, it again gives me the correct values.

So it seems that something is wrong with how piped text works in the web service URL line.
From what I've seen elsewhere online, this shouldn't be an issue – what am I missing here?

I've added a screenshot below to illustrate my setup – thanks in advance for any advice!


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  • KendraR
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    Hi, @dkaszas! When you test this in the survey flow, you will need to use a real IP address and can’t use the piped text. Once you are ready to test it live (as opposed to the test button in the survey flow), you can insert the piped text. Further, you will want to insert the query string in your endpoint (?api-key=XXXXX) where it says “Add a query parameter." If you are still experiencing issues after following these steps, you may need to reach out to our Support Team and walk them through how your API works so they can fully assist you.

  • dkaszas
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    Hi @KendraR, this solved my issue – thanks a bunch!