Restoring the deleted Dashboard

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the questionnaires have changed and I have copied the old dashboard for the backup.
However, I accidentally deleted the dashboard.

Is there any way to restore the deleted dashboard and/or the qualtrics can assist with?

Thank you very much in advance!


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  • ana_velez_voce
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    Hi @k2y

    I think Qualtrics does not restore any deleted data or dashboards as you are the owner of that data and selected (even by mistake) to delete it. If the user that deleted the dashboard is not an admin user you may have a chance asking support, but i am not sure. If you the admin was the one who deleted it i think there is no chance. Sorry! i have been in this same place before


  • k2y
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    thanks for your reply. It was helpful to know... Since there are still existing data, I’m working on creating the new dashboard ... I will keep that in mind.

    Thank you again!