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Integrating SAP Qualtrics with SAP Marketing - Use Case behind SAP Documentation

ManuF Graz, Austria Qubie ✭

Hi all,

I am currently looking at this guide provided by SAP regarding an integration between SAP Marketing and Qualtrics:

However, for me it is not clear what the Use Case behind the referenced iFlows and integration is? Especially the second flow "Mapping Qualtrics Surveys Data to SAP Marketing Cloud" is confusing - where is the data mapped to in the Cloud? To a campaign, a user? Where is it displayed and how?

I'd be grateful if anybody could provide some insights into this!



  • JoycaV
    JoycaV Belgium Sage ✭✭✭

    Hi @ManuF

    Short answer:
    Survey Answers are mapped to an Interaction Contact in SAP Marketing Cloud. These are a type of Interaction and can be viewed on the Contact Profile in SAP mkt cloud.
    They can also be used in Segmentation, so you can create target groups based on the answers contacts gave on surveys.

    Long answer:
    The help page that you reference is half of the documentation.
    The page "Copy Integration Package to Customer Workspace" mentions two packages that are required:
    4: Enter Third-party Survey Data Integration with SAP Marketing Cloud in the Search field.
    6: Enter SAP Qualtrics Surveys Integration with SAP Marketing Cloud in the Search field.

    For the "third party survey DATA" part, the documentation is here.
    and the related package on the SAP API hub:

    This flow calls the SAP_MKT_Survey_API OData service, of which more info is found here.

    The "mapping" flow from the Qualtrics specific package is to transform the Qualtrics data into a format that SAP Marketing Understands, like Qualtrics question type SAVR (Single Answer, Vertical) is mapped to SAP marketing question type/subtype RB/VT