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Mountain theme - getting to the end of survey message

ama_77 Norway Qubie ✭

Hi, I am using the theme "Mountains" for a survey. At the last page of the survey, there is usually a "forward" arrow, which takes the respondent to the end of survey message. However, with this theme (or if it is something that I have done), I do not get this arrow. I would like to have the arrow so that respondents know that they have finished the survey. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

Best Answer

  • Matt_Christie_Walker
    Matt_Christie_Walker Indianapolis Sage ✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    I'm not sure which of the "Mountains" themes you've applied, but I just tested with "Mountain Valleys" and "Glacier Mountains" and I do indeed see the "Next button" (arrow) at the end, which takes me to my "end of survey" message when clicked. I was using a very simple 3 question survey in my testing.

    Do you have custom javascript embedded in a survey question that hides the Next button?
    Do you see the Next button (arrow) on other screens in the same survey?


  • ama_77
    ama_77 Norway Qubie ✭

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks a million for your quick and informative response. You are absolutely correct. There is a Java script that over writes the next button. I put it in there myself, but totally forgot about it (I must have lost my head on my way to work). Im so sorry for my ignorance. Thanks again!

  • Matt_Christie_Walker
    Matt_Christie_Walker Indianapolis Sage ✭✭✭

    At least it was an easy solution! Don't worry, this sort of thing happens to all of us.