Salesforce responses - is there a way to change the "Created By" field to be the Case Owner?

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This is for a CSAT survey. I have my responses mapping back to the case and the contact record. However, since the survey response is owned by me (I linked the survey project to SF), we are not able to set security in SF on the Survey Response object so that case owners only see the responses for their own case. ie, it cannot be set to private, it has to be read-write all since for example, Case Owner = Tom by Survey Response Owner = me, so if private, Tom cannot see items created by me.

What can be done as a workaround to let case owners see the survey responses tied to their case? I created a lookup on the Survey Response object for CaseOwner, but support was not able to give any other guidance about how to populate this back and use it within SF.

Another issue this raises for us is when we try to trigger an email to the manager when there is a poor response to a survey, since the owner is me, my manager is the only one who gets emails.

I am sure there has to be some sort of workaround in SF or missing setup in Q to get me where I need to be. Can anyone enlighten me?

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    Your logic there likely isn't going to work- you can't set up the advanced logic so If (If Q1=Di satisfied OR Q2=Dissatisfied OR Q3= Dissatisfied) AND (OWNER=XXXX)..... you either need all "Or"s or all "Ands" for that to trigger.

    Your work around will be pretty simple:
    1. Create a branch, "If Q1=Dissatisfied OR Q2=Dissatisfied OR Q3= Dissatisfied" Branch To "Embedded Data Customer = Unsatisfied" (or whatever).

    1. Do the same for staff. "If sfID=XXXXXX OR sfID=XXXXXX" branch to Embedded data= [email protected]".

    2. Your email trigger logic can be simplified to trigger when "Customer=Unsatisfied", and your To field can be the piped data field {e://Manager}.


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    *Edited- I read your post better, sorry!

    You can- but there is a caveat.

    To make this happen- simply find the field that the survey response object's create is, and pipe in the case owner sfID (or sfWhoId or whatever field contains that persons ID) to pipe into there. It only defaults to you if it has no other data going into the field.

    BUT- this means any user who creates cases needs Survey Response Object edit access. Which means they could then go through and edit survey responses.

    I don't know how your org is structured- but in mine that would mean my Case Owner, a Call Center employee, would be able to edit their own survey responses that grade their performance! Creates quite the dilemma.

    I would go the route you mentioned, and create a new instead create a NEW field on the survey response object, "Case Owner" or "Staff" and pipe the lookup ID there. That way they don't need edit access, and you can still form reports and such. But that doesn't solve the permission issue.

    TBH in my org, I don't allow any staff information on SF. We just set up our processes so I send managers the staff sensitive information. The managers are sent quarterly reports (can automate reports more often if you'd like) to explain progress to their staff. My org was very uncomfortable allowing that level of sensitive performance information on such a public platform.

    The email triggers, I do have a work around: I make trigger them in Qualtrics itself. Tools>Triggers> Email triggers. It's just easier to get it closer to the source, IMO. I send the full survey report when low scoring criteria are met. So long as the panel's embedded data is still in the survey flow logic, my Call Center manager can still look up "Case XXXXXX" in SF.

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    Thanks Kate!
    I am able to report properly without adding the Case Owner field on the Survey Response object. But like you, management was not wild about the idea of giving access to reps to edit their data or see other rep's responses. Looks like we will be out of luck there.

    To follow up with the email triggers. I had not thought of doing that in Q. What we want is to trigger an email to the manager (1 of 4) when their rep gets a low rating. I did some testing this morning and I am not able to trigger based on ownerid. So even though I can see in the invite that ownerid = 18-digit sf id, when I add that to the criteria, it ignores it. I assumed I would have to create a trigger for each manager and list the ids of their folks, separated by commas. But that did not seem to work. Do you separate your emails this way (and if so, how), or do you send to a group?
    Thanks for your input!

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    Thanks for your input Kate - with this little nugget, I was able to get something working! I appreciate your help.