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Developmental research online during covid-19

Jess_March UK Qubie ✭

Is it possible to recruit parents and their children/adolescents via Qualtrics Panel?

Obviously, during the pandemic recruitment of samples under 18 years old has been really challenging (e.g., with school closures/overburdened schools). If I wanted to conduct an online study, could I filter out participants that have children within a certain age range (e.g. through screening or other methods in Qualtrics Panel) and then invite participants that have children to complete our study online (with parental consent and children completing the survey)?

If it is not possible to recruit parents and children in Qualtrics, does anyone know of other Platforms or methods for recruiting parent and child participants for online research?

Thank you in advance! :)

Best Answer


  • pogi
    pogi FL Guru ✭✭

    You can use branching and use contact list triggers to develop your studies with respondents matching your inclusion criteria.

    Branch Logic (

    Contact List Triggers (

  • Jess_March
    Jess_March UK Qubie ✭

    Thank you so much. That is really useful for designing the study, but do you know about recruitment options within Qualtrics Panel? Can participants under the age of 18 years old take part in studies, recruited through Qualtrics Panel, with parental consent?