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What is the Best way to distribute personal link survey to batches as new participants are found

mobmsc Qubie ✭
edited June 23 in Survey Platform

Hi all,

I'm hoping to use Qualtrics to distribute personal link surveys to a list of participants all while the list of participants is increasing, obviously I want to avoid resending the survey to someone who already completed.

My first thought is to use a contact list as the source of participants and update that with new participant details as they arrive but I'm hoping the community can help explain how I ensure new participants get the survey and any follow up reminders while avoiding someone who has completed or started the survey already getting emails again. Would triggers help to automate this or do I need to create a number of distributions and really tailor the recipients carefully?

Also if someone who completed their survey and wishes to change their response, how can I allow that upto a particular point in time and does that involve some manual steps on our part?