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AI Content Policy Updates on the XM Community

  • 22 May 2024
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AI Content Policy Updates on the XM Community
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AI Advancements and the Qualtrics XM Community


The topic of AI -- Artificial Intelligence -- is everywhere these days. Now more than ever, people around the world are making use of automations and applications that help us work more efficiently. Additionally, many companies are implementing new AI-based solutions within their product offerings to meet the demand of a workforce looking to make efficiency gains (including Qualtrics).

Here on our customer community, we encourage members to make use of AI and similar applications responsibly.

Responsible AI Usage on the XM Community:

  • Using sites like Grammarly to check your spelling and language usage
  • Using sites like Google Translate to facilitate communication with other Qualtrics XM Community members around the globe
  • Using applications like ChatGPT to spark creativity when authoring thought leadership content (who hasn’t experienced “writer’s block” before?)
  • Using AI applications for accessibility purposes (such as screen readers, speech-to-text, and more).

While AI has made many advancements in the last year, there are many things AI cannot yet do. 

For example, there are currently no AI applications that can accurately tell you how to use the Qualtrics platform. We are currently seeing an uptick in AI-generated content being posted to the XM Community that is incorrect, and leading to confusion and frustration among customers who are trying to follow the (incorrect) steps outlined in those posts.

AI-generated content that is incorrect and leads customers astray also impacts the credibility, usefulness, and integrity of the Qualtrics Community for everyone.

Furthermore, we are also seeing members who are using AI in order to generate content with the intention of advancing more quickly through the Rank and Rewards program, without regard to content accuracy. Understandably, we do not wish to reward members who are posting inaccurate and unhelpful content, when so many other members are legitimately earning swag by sharing their hard-earned Qualtrics expertise. 

The only responsible way to engage with XM Community members is to post wholly original content with the genuine intention to help fellow Community members. Yes, you may use applications such as the ones in the bullet list above to spark creativity or assist with grammar or accessibility, but you must maintain content integrity by using AI responsibly and in good faith.

Irresponsible AI Usage on the XM Community:

  • Using applications like ChatGPT to provide step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish something within the Qualtrics platform
  • Using AI applications to generate and post custom code that is unproven to work and has not been vetted by an expert
  • Using AI to post factually incorrect or false information about Qualtrics tools, products, platform capabilities, or other information about the company and its offerings

What We Are Doing

Your XM Community administrators are working tirelessly to moderate each and every new post in the XM Community. We are using AI detection software in instances where we suspect irresponsible AI usage has taken place. Additionally, in 2023, we updated the XM Community’s Terms of Use to explicitly forbid irresponsible AI usage. 

Members who are not using AI in an appropriate manner will be notified by an XM Community administrator. Using AI irresponsibly may result in your post being removed, your Rank and Rewards swag request being declined, or, in extreme instances, deactivating your XM Community account. 

We have a huge amount of respect and admiration for our XM Community members who use our platform in good faith and with genuine intentions. Our community is a very special one, and your contributions are critical to the success of countless customers and the many millions who visit the XM Community each year. We hope you understand our position on AI content, and as AI continues to improve and advance, we will revise our positions accordingly. 

Please comment with your thoughts or reflections, or DM me via my profile. 

We thank you sincerely for everything you all contribute to our Community!

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Additionally, please note that you can also report a post if you feel it meets the criteria of irresponsible AI usage, and we will evaluate the post and make a determination.

To report a post, click the three dots in the bottom right-hand corner of any post, and select “Report,” as shown below:


You will be prompted to fill out come basic information about why you’re reporting the post, and you can tell us if you think it represents irresponsible AI usage.

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Love the push to keep the XM Community a reliable place for correct information! 

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