⚪️ Rank & Rewards Program September 2022+ | Rank & Rewards Program | XM Community

⚪️ Rank & Rewards Program September 2022+ | Rank & Rewards Program

⚪️ Rank & Rewards Program September 2022+ | Rank & Rewards Program
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Rank & Rewards Program

We want to reward and thank you, our community members, for your incredible contributions to the XM Community through the updated Rank & Rewards Program. Please read this entire post to familiarize yourself with the program and policies.

You can achieve different levels / ranks within the community, depending on the number of points that you've accumulated. Every XM Community member will reach Level 1 once they earn 50 points. Your ranking will display on your profile and next to your name whenever you post or comment. You'll earn a new badge, which will be displayed on your profile, and an email congratulating you for each level you reach! When you reach Level 1, you'll receive a survey that gives you access to your Linkedin Profile Badge. When you achieve levels 2 - 8, you'll earn swag and receive an email including a survey that requests your sizing, shipping, contact information, and / or certification preferences and provides your Linkedin Profile Badge.


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Earn Points:


  1. Provide an answer | 15 Points
  2. Post a reply | 5 Points
  3. Create a discussion or question | 10 Points





  1. You can only earn the swag for each level once.
  2. No cheating! Administrators retain all rights to determine if someone has gamed their way to a reward.
  3. If you've participated in the old version of the Rank & Rewards Program, your rank from the old program will transfer over to the new program. Your new level will be assigned based on the number of points you currently have, as shown in the diagram above. Please note that you will not receive swag for any levels for which you have already received rewards. If you have an outstanding swag shipment, you will receive the new program swag for the equivalent, new program level.
  4. Qualtrics employees and SAP employees are not eligible for rewards.
  5. We utilize a third-party vendor to fulfill all swag shipments. Therefore, we cannot guarantee any specific timeline for your order and there may be a time gap between order, fulfillment, and delivery. On average, we expect shipments to be fulfilled and delivered within 90 days.
  6. Please note, each country has its own customs processes and regulations. In some situations, you may be contacted by UPS to verify customs and delivery information. In that case, you are responsible for those communications. Failing to respond to those communications could result in a failed delivery and the disposal of your package. XM Community Admins will assist when able and to a reasonable degree.
  7. When asked, please provide us with an address that UPS can easily deliver to - we highly recommend a work address, as we will only send your swag shipment once. If you reside in India, please see the Address Guidelines PDF attached to this post to ensure deliverability. 
  8. At this time, the following geographic regions are not eligible for participation in Rank and Rewards: India (with the exception of members who are part of the official Qualtrics Partner Network).





Level 1 • | 50 - 99 Points

Reward: a Level 1 Badge and a Level 1 Linkedin Badge.

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Level 2 •• | 100 - 499 Points

Reward: a Level 2 Badge, a Level 2 Linkedin Badge, an XM Community t-shirt, a keychain, a device locator, and a hat.



Level 3 ••• | 500 - 999 Points

Reward: a Level 3 Badge, a Level 3 Linkedin Badge, a Featured Spotlight in our Community Hall of Fame, a travel bag, a tech folio, and a Yeti tumbler.




Level 4 •••• | 1000 - 2499 Points

Reward: a Level 4 Badge, a Level 4 Linkedin Badge, an XM Community sweatshirt, a JBL clip-on speaker, and a throw blanket.



Level 5 ••••• | 2500 - 4,999 Points

Reward: a Level 5 Badge, a Level 5 Linkedin Badge, a Mophie 3-in-1 charging station, and a projector.

Level 5.jpg



Level 6 •••••• | 5,000 - 7,499 Points

Reward: a Level 6 Badge, a Level 6 Linkedin Badge, a free Qualtrics Certification Exam bundle (XM Platform Essentials & Expert Exam of your choice), and an AMA Session with a Product Specialist.

  • Certifications: validate your expertise as a certified Qualtrics professional through our certifications.

  • AMA Sessions with a Product Specialist: a one-hour, small-group session, offering the opportunity to virtually meet Product Specialists to ask questions about the Qualtrics platform. These sessions aim to improve your efficiency and understanding of Qualtrics features.


Level 6.jpg



Level 7 ••••••• | 7,500 - 9,999 Points

Reward: a Level 7 Badge, a Level 7 Linkedin Badge, exclusive invitations to Community Connect Roundtables, an XM Scientist mentorship, and an invitation to become an XM Advocate.

  • Community Connect Roundtables: Community Connect is our new series of virtual events, featuring a broad variety of event types. From community roundtables, customer spotlight interviews, and Qualtrics-led "AMA" (Ask Me Anything) events, to meetings with key Qualtrics team members - these events connect Qualtrics customers to share best practices, network and enhance Qualtrics product knowledge.

  • XM Scientist Mentorship: quarterly career coaching and mentoring sessions with XM Scientists, Qualtrics’ team of leading industry experts on XM -- guiding Qualtrics customers of all sizes to greater Qualtrics product and XM success.

  • XM Advocates: build a reputation for leadership and innovation in one of the fastest-growing categories in business. As an XM Advocate, we’ll help you share your success stories, connect you with peers, and offer you valuable rewards and a certification.


Level 7.jpg



Level 8 ••••••• | 10,000 + Points

Reward: a Level 8 Badge, a Level 8 Linkedin Badge, an XM Pro Certification, an invitation to the Annual Customer & UX Summit, and exclusive access to Community Connect events.

  • XM Pro Certification: an XM Institute certification covering the essential competencies required to effectively lead an organization’s efforts to measure and improve the core experiences of business at both strategic and tactical levels.

  • Annual Customer & UX Summit: an annual, virtual event and exclusive opportunity for Qualtrics customers to connect with Qualtrics' UX experts and share their expertise, shaping the future of Qualtrics' UX.

  • XMI Roundtables: a series of small, exclusive events with the head of the XM Institute, Bruce Temkin, known in the industry as the “Godfather of Customer Experience."

  • Community Connect: a new series of live, virtual events, from roundtable discussions, and Qualtrics-led "AMA" (Ask Me Anything) events, to special meetings with key Qualtrics team members.


Level 8.jpg



Linkedin Badges

Read our Linkedin Badges post to learn how to add the badges to your Linkedin Profile.

  • Within each rewards survey you are sent, upon reaching a new level, is a link to your Linkedin Profile Badge and corresponding copy.

  • If you were a part of the old program and would like access to the Linkedin Badges for levels you already earned, message an admin and we will direct message you the links and copy! We would like to refrain from publicly posting the links to prevent those who haven't earned the reward from access.

Learn More >


57 replies

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Wow! This is a really cool program. Thank you!
I do have a question. I was just trying to add my Level 1 badge in LinkedIn and the instructions say to "Paste the title and description provided to you above into the pop-up". Unfortunately, all I have "above" is the media URL for LinkedIn, but not title and description. Can you help? (Thank you!)

Userlevel 7
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Hi LouRisc -- good catch! Titles and descriptions are being finalized today. We'll direct message you today once that's ready. Thanks!

Userlevel 5
Badge +25

Cool to see the new program!
Not sure if it's all up and running yet, but I had my points transferred over from the old program and haven't received any emails other than for the Level 1 badge. I had recently done a survey for the Guru rewards but I don't think it was being shipped at the time. Can you please help? 🙂 Thanks!

Badge +48

https://community.qualtrics.com/XMcommunity/discussion/comment/49177#Comment_49177Hi bgooldfed! If you already took the survey, we have your address and relevant information, which will be used for your outstanding swag shipments. You will receive the new program swag for the equivalent, new program level, for any outstanding shipments. If your address information has changed, feel free to direct message an admin and we will get that updated for you! Hope this helps 😁

Userlevel 5
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Amazing AmaraW, you guys are all over it.
How can I go about getting the Linkedin badge?

Userlevel 7
Badge +58

Thanks, AmaraW - these are some nice developments! I just filled out my Level 4 survey and added my LinkedIn badge--many thanks!

Userlevel 6
Badge +53

Amazing!!! I love it

Userlevel 5
Badge +20

Loving the new program AmaraW and Michael_Cooksey!! 😍
Just FYI, I am receiving the following when clicking on the Learn More link that directs to your LinkedIn badges post:

Userlevel 4
Badge +24

This is Amazing!! I just added my Level 2 Badge to my LinkedIn Profile!

Userlevel 7
Badge +37

Not sure how to find the LinkedIn badge details (the link another poster shared also gives me the same error). The only email I received was for Level 1 and it didn't include any instructions or links to the LinkedIn badge either so... #Confused. But I'm sure we'll get this sorted! 🙂 Thanks much to the team for all their hard work rolling this out! Exciting times!

Userlevel 7
Badge +38

Thank you for refreshing the program. I was hoping there would be a way for some of us high point users to earn more swag. Mine is years old at this point and some of it like my t-shirts have had to be retired (the white community shirt didn't hold up too long before I spilled something on it).
It feels really far (~1700+ points) to get to a new level, 6, but the rewards just aren't as appealing to me for that level. I had already gotten the certification through the old program. It would have been really cool to trade in Qualtrics points for Qcash or earn Qcash (Qualtrics cash) through the program that we could use to choose a reward that is personally appealing to us.

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https://community.qualtrics.com/XMcommunity/discussion/comment/49224#Comment_49224Oh, that's an interesting idea bstrahin, with the Qcash! There are some things in the earlier levels that weren't there in th old program and look quite nice indeed.

Badge +48

https://community.qualtrics.com/XMcommunity/discussion/comment/49216#Comment_49216The Level 1 survey link will give you access to the Linkedin Badge. Let an Admin know if you would like the LinkedIn Badge links for other levels you have earned! We will direct message you those links since we don't want people who haven't earned the badges to have access 😁 I just updated the post to make this more clear!
https://community.qualtrics.com/XMcommunity/discussion/comment/49191#Comment_49191Great catch! I just updated the permissions on the post so you all should have access now! We are so glad you like the new program!

Badge +48

https://community.qualtrics.com/XMcommunity/discussion/comment/49180#Comment_49180I will direct message you links to the LinkedIn badges! As you earn more levels, you will access the Linkedin Badges in your rewards survey link that is emailed to you whenever you achieve a new level!

Userlevel 7
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https://community.qualtrics.com/XMcommunity/discussion/comment/49243#Comment_49243Thanks! I just sent you a message to get the badge detail. The notification that I received for Level 1 didn't have a survey link in it (but I'm not sure of course if that's because it was Day 1 and "Level 1" wasn't really the latest level).

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Seems that my Qualtrics community bottle is now collector !
I'm still using it more than a year later ;)
IMG_20220907_143657.jpgI'm glad to see the program is improved and that new steps were added. I had less time to be involved last year but I'm planning to come back stronger.

My only negative feeling is that the device locator should have been perfect for seeking my bottle😁

Badge +48

CarolK you are totally right! The notification you received was likely for the Level 1 community badge. The badge notification doesn't have the survey link, only the rank notification does. As community badge descriptions are public, the link's inclusion in the description would allow all users to access the rewards surveys. I will direct message you all of the Linkedin Badge links and corresponding copy shortly 😁

Badge +48

ElieD our team is so excited to have you back and better than ever! We can't wait to see you earn rewards and level up! I'm incredibly happy to hear that your collector's item has gotten so much use 🤩

Userlevel 3
Badge +13

This is cool!!!
If I get to the level 2 would you ship this to Medellin, Colombia?

Userlevel 7
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https://community.qualtrics.com/XMcommunity/discussion/comment/49461#Comment_49461We ship anywhere in the world with a verifiable, standard street address (home or business) 📦

Userlevel 4
Badge +18

Hey Team, How do I get the LinkedIn badge for my previous levels? I am at Level 4 currently. The above instructions state that I will receive a survey.

Userlevel 7
Badge +30

https://community.qualtrics.com/XMcommunity/discussion/comment/49224#Comment_49224I agree about the rewards at level 6 lacking some appeal, especially for those who have already completed a certification exam. I reached the level in the previous rewards program that earned a free certification exam, but the remaining certifications exams that I had not taken are not applicable to my work so I haven't used the reward. Not that I want to complain about free stuff, but now I'm looking at getting a second free certification exam that I can't use whenever I reach the next level. It's too bad I can't share or transfer my unused certification exam to a colleague.

Badge +48

https://community.qualtrics.com/XMcommunity/discussion/comment/49601#Comment_49601Hi Mishraji! We would suggest contacting an Admin! I will send you them, right away 😁

Userlevel 7
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https://community.qualtrics.com/XMcommunity/discussion/comment/49636#Comment_49636Hi Matthew! Thanks so much for your feedback on the refreshed program. While I'm sorry to hear there is not another certification bundle that meets your needs, hopefully the exclusive "Ask Me Anything" session with our Product Specialists will be a value add for you. Private sessions with Product Specialists, XM Scientists and other leaders in the company are normally billable at a very high price point; but we're offering them for free to ensure continued success with the platform. Those sessions will be tailored to meet your needs.
bstrahin Thank you as well for the feedback that you'd like to see more swag offerings at the top levels. That is something we will definitely consider for the future. It's my understanding we sent along a replacement shirt for the initial one you received. You'll notice that in the new program at level 7, you'll receive an invite to the XM Advocates program -- a program that offers tangible swag and prizes of the type you seek (as well as additional free services offerings). Hopefully this info offers a bit of reassurance and motivation to keep engaging in the XM Community!

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Michael_Cooksey thank you for your response to MatthewM and I. I'm bummed you sent a replacement shirt because it never arrived (unless this was just recently, I have something arriving today according to the Shop app but can't remember what it would be!). Also thank you for pointing out the XM Advocated program as an alternate pathway to more Qualtrics swag. It is some of my favorite stuff. My office is covered in what I do I have.

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