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Edit existing user types

  • 9 June 2023
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Hello together, 

I am responsible for creating and maintaining the Qualtrics Accounts at my university. Sometimes people come to ask whether I can give them permission to collaborate with external people. 

To give them this feature I had to enable it for their division. But it should be not the default so I thought I could set the default (no permission) in the user type and enable it for individuals in their account. 

Unfortunately I cannot edit the standard user type (Standard - Qualtrics - no limits) and all the persons are grayed out. When creating a new user type I can change permissions. But this is not really an option as changing the user type for every existing user is too much work. 

Anyone has an idea on how to edit existing user types?


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You can get all users via this API

and update the user type via this API.

Hope it helps!

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We now employed a workaround where we added a special division with the permission to collaborate with external partners. All the other divisions are denied this feature. 

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