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QR Codes for Blocks?

  • 13 July 2018
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Is it possible to create separate QR codes for different blocks in the same survey?

The scenario: We have multiple sessions offered during freshman orientation. We want students to scan a QR code as they leave the session to complete a set of questions about that session in particular. Then they go to the next session and do the same thing. I'd like to have a block of questions for each section and for the QR code to direct them to that block, but I'm not sure this is possible. I'd also like to have them authenticate with SSO each time they scan a code so I can keep their results together. I don't want to use the QR code for the whole survey then have students select the session from a drop down because they may select the wrong one. I also don't want to have 20 different surveys with 20 different QR codes...

Has anyone tackled a scenario like this? I'm open to alternative ideas if the QR code won't work!

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7 replies

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A QR code is just a reference to a URL, so what you need is 20 unique URLs.

This can be done by appending a query string to the end of your URL. For example,


Now in your Survey Flow, create an Embedded Data element and name it `block_identifier`, matching what is now in your URL. This will pick up the value assigned in the URL and make it available in the Survey Flow.

Finally, create Branch elements before each Block of your survey. These branches will be something like: "If `block_identifier` = `block1` then show Block 1.

Finally, take your URLs over to a site like https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/ to generate 20 unique QR Codes.

SSO authentication will work fine, you can put the authenticator before all of the branches.

Note that those URLs will work and show you the example
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I have successfully built this survey with all of the QR codes! Now the problem I'm running into is that I scan the code for session 1, complete the block, and when I scan the code for session 2 it says I've already completed the survey and my response has been recorded. I don't have any settings that limit each person to taking the survey one time, but I do have authentication on each block--could that be causing the issue? Do you (or anyone else) know a way around this?
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Try selecting the option under "Authenticator"


"Allow authenticating respondents to retake authenticated section"
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Yes, @Mohammedali_Rajapakar_Ugam is correct. The authenticator by default only allows one session.
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You can control by writing a script of clearing browser cookies, in that case respondent can enter again.
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I decided to remove the authentication altogether. Now two of the session QR codes are working but the others are not. I tried creating new QR codes and clearing my cache, but they still aren't working...

@bansalpeeyush29 do you happen to have the script for that? I do not have experience writing javascript.
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Nevermind! It was a problem in my survey flow and everything is working now 🙂

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