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Can Qualtrics create two related Salesforce records?

When a survey is submitted, I would like to create an Account and then add a related Opportunity. Is that possible or can Qualtrics not save the value of that Account ID?


Best Answer

  • Kate
    Kate Wizard ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2018 Accepted Answer

    Not utilizing the Qualtircs package as-is. If you are trying to both create an account AND an opportunity at the same time, no.

    We utilize the integration to send surveys based on SF Workflow conditions (E.g. A Closed Call Center Case), and then when the customer takes the survey we trigger a survey response object to be created in SF. Here, we created lookup fields on the response object that take in the participants' ContactID and AccountID so they are connected. Without the related ID information being pre-existing, there is no way to tell Qualtrics to make the link.

    You can fire 2 objects and connect them by hand. Or you can explore alternate automations in SF.


  • nnrodri
    nnrodri Qubie ✭

    Thank you, Kate! That's what I was finding. I'm thinking of using the Survey responseID to match two records.

  • Rajan
    Rajan San Francisco Qubie ✭
    edited April 2020

    Any enhancement on this space. What I am looking for a similar requirement.

    where one response page will have questions , that need to capture in two salesforce object, that is working. But what we need record id of first record should get updated while second record getting created.

    Is any way, Q take care automatically while insert or any arrangement for update of second object with first inserted records id on the lookup of second object.

    what I able to do, response Id , pupulated in both both object and then with trigger on child object update the look-up field.

    My question is, Q is getting back salesforce id, is any way to pass that in second task request automatically