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AmaraW Seattle, WA, USA Administrator

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Question: What are your professional New Year’s resolutions / goals for 2022?

Here at Qualtrics, we set professional goals for ourselves each quarter, in order to drive our own success and growth. In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, the XM Community Team is thinking even bigger! We want to set work-related goals for 2022 with you. What about that promotion, new job, resume refresh, or desktop clean-up? Maybe, you want to redesign your work-from-home office. Whatever your professional goal or goals for the year may be - we can’t wait to learn all about them!



  • AmaraW
    AmaraW Seattle, WA, USA Administrator
    edited January 6

    🎯 My professional goal for 2022 is to tackle my email inbox! After receiving countless emails a day in 2021, my inbox could use some more love. I plan to start using Gmail's Label feature to keep my inbox both organized and prioritized. 🎯

  • AmaraW
    AmaraW Seattle, WA, USA Administrator
  • StephH72
    StephH72 UK Guru ✭✭

    To complete my statistics course to become a data scientist and become a Qualtrics wizard :) Happy 2022 everyone!

  • SavannahH
    SavannahH Indiana, USA Qubie ✭

    My professional goal is to begin implementing strategic change within my organization using data collected from Qualtrics.

  • BogdanSB
    BogdanSB Romania Qubie ✭

    Develop the emotional, technical, and social skills that are needed to match my ambitious business growth goals.

  • ManfredBM
    ManfredBM Munich, Germany Guru ✭✭

    In 2022 I want to switch from a rather re-active CX approach to a more pro-active one - with a complete new roll-out of our transactional CX programmes.

    But even more importantly: My goal is to be as happy in my job in 2022 as I was last year.

  • MelKough17
    MelKough17 Indiana, USA Qubie ✭

    My professional goal for 2022 is to make more meaningful and deeper connections with the people in my workplace. I also want to Continue to learn more about customer analytics and share that data throughout the organization. 📈

  • VirginiaM
    VirginiaM Boone, North Carolina Sage ✭✭✭

    In 2022, I'd like to learn how to automate as many of my daily tasks as possible so I can free myself up to work on more challenging data analysis projects. I'd also like to expand our annual Analytics Day to be even larger than last year (can we hit 1000 registrants?!). Finally, if it's safe to do so, I'd like to attend at least one in-person conference this year.

  • Amy_Bow
    Amy_Bow Qubie ✭

    Be more aspirational and visionary - see the future and create tangible strategic communications plan to get there!

  • SteveBelgraver
    SteveBelgraver the Netherlands Guru ✭✭

    My immediate 2022 professional goal is to weather the storm wrought by our old CEO and land a new role at another company. Really looking forward to an energizing and stimulating onboarding experience once I land that job! But work is more than that and another aim is to get certified with the basic Qualtrics Platform Essentials. I also look forward to continuing to implement and advocate the benefits of weaving customer centricity into the way I work. And last but not least I fully intend to continue learning and developing my potential. 

  • ElieD
    ElieD QC, Canada Guru ✭✭

    My long term personal objective is to add new skills to my collection and maybe one future day being able to move from solution architect to XM scientist.

    My day to day objective is to help as many company as possible to implement an XM solution (EX or CX) and guide them in the right way for their own growth.

  • KPlatt
    KPlatt Gaithersburg, MD 20878 Qubie ✭

    My goal for 2022 is data management, from dashboards to process build-outs. There's so much information in so many different places to communicate to sales, stakeholders, and peers! My goal is to begin managing our marketing data in meaningful ways to support our objectives and growth.

  • IsabelPosada_Voce
    IsabelPosada_Voce Medellin, Colombia Guru ✭✭

    My professional goal for 2022 is to work together with the consultancy team and start working on my master's degree thesis 🤓

  • MattiasM
    MattiasM Sweden Guru ✭✭

    My professional goal is to finish my last Qualtrics exam and also move out of my comfort zone into a more visible position from our XM team outward towards the company.

    On a personal level I would like to read more books. Something I did a lot in my early years but has fallen off the radar due to kids and house shores/renovations etc.

  • dobra021
    dobra021 Guru ✭✭

    My professional goal for 2022 is to further develop my data analysis skills using a variety of tools.

  • NiC
    NiC Mumbai Superuser ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 13

    My Professional Goal for 2022 : Get Comfortable with Pandas(Python) and Learn and effectively utilize React Framework to make a certain Tool.