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AmaraW Seattle, WA, USA Administrator

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Badge Of The Month | May 2022

Task: Fight cancer by joining one of the virtual or in-person 5K For The Fight events!

Join the XM Community Team here and sign up for an event! Be sure to comment, telling us about why you chose it, your plans and experience participating! Alternatively, donate $5 to the cause here!

Here at Qualtrics, we care a lot about cancer research. This year, we are going all out for the 5K For The Fight, a way to get active, raise money, and come together, virtually or in-person, for cancer research.

The Qualtrics-led nonprofit, 5 For The Fight, is a global campaign inviting everyone to donate $5 to the fight against cancer. Each donation is made in honor of someone who is battling or has been touched by the disease. 5 For The Fight has raised more than $26 million to help eradicate cancer with one hundred percent of those funds donated directly to the world’s leading cancer researchers.

Virtual Events

5K (5 kilometers, 3.1 miles) 

May 19 - 21, 2022

The Virtual, Global 5K For The Fight 

Running, hiking, wheelchair, walking 

Peloton Ride

May 29, 2022 

Ride with Ally Love, Peloton Ride 

60-minute Peloton class 

The Do 5 Challenge


Get creative with anything you can think of

5, 50, or 500 of them

In-Person Events

5K (5 kilometers, 3.1 miles) 

May 19 - 21, 2022

Qualtrics Office Near You

If you select the in-person option, you will be invited to a group run/walk from a Qualtrics office near you

Pickleball Doubles Bracketed Tournament

May 16 - 19, 2022 

Qualtrics HQ

Register by April 29th; you will receive a form by email on May 10th to designate your team along with any other follow up instructions from event organizers.

Toonhoogte Fietstocht

May 20 - 22, 2022

Orval, Belgium




  • MattiasM
    MattiasM Lund, Sweden Guru ✭✭
    edited May 10

    Wonderful initiative!

    I will take part in the virtual 5K as I'm not close to any of the in person events. But I always think this is an important fight to fight.

    I was the ambassador of Movember at my company and was the one that started "fighting the good fight" back in 2013. Earned me an award and managed to gather donations of several thousands dollars over the years. Since then Movember has been handed over as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility team, and is now one of several volunteering options employees can sign up for.

    On a personal note I lost one of my childhood friends to cancer when he was just 35.

    My dad is currently undergoing radiation treatment for a cancer in his abdomen, and he has already been through both testicular cancer and a tumor on one of his kidneys. So far he has come out on top and the doctors here in Sweden has done a great job of actually going through every cm of hos body to ensure they didn't miss any hiding piece of evil this time around. But come June we'll know more around the success of the latest radiation treatment.

    All the best


  • Michael_Cooksey
    Michael_Cooksey Seattle, WA, USA Administrator

    @MattiasM & @SteveBelgraver thank you so much for sharing your stories here! And thank you so much for participating in 5 for the Fight. This is an initiative that is close to our hearts, and we're inspired to read about your personal experiences. ❤️

  • AmaraW
    AmaraW Seattle, WA, USA Administrator
    edited May 6

    @MattiasM & @SteveBelgraver, thank you for being so open and thoughtful! The fight against cancer is really important in my family, as well. My grandmother passed away while battling cancer 💜

    5️⃣ I just signed up for the Peloton ride - so excited to join the 5k For The Fight 5️⃣

    If you want to join the XM Community Team, you can do so here!

  • Theodor_Zus
    Theodor_Zus Österreich Qubie ✭


    the 5k tour will fits perfect!

    looking forward to join the event!

  • Michael_Cooksey
    Michael_Cooksey Seattle, WA, USA Administrator

    @AdamK12 that's amazing! What a creative idea and fantastic way to get involved. We love it! ❤️

  • Michael_Cooksey
    Michael_Cooksey Seattle, WA, USA Administrator

    @lizb311, @cbhavsar and @Theodor_Zus we are so heartened to hear about how you're getting involved! Thanks for supporting the cause!

  • AdamK12
    AdamK12 Bethesda, MD Superuser ✭✭✭✭

    @Michael_Cooksey thanks! This is something that I've been doing since earlier in the pandemic--I wanted a creative outlet that made something old from new, and was inspired by some research that I did about card design. Now that I've been getting more into data visualization that's become another thread that I pursue.

    Here are the cards mid-process -- I paint gesso as a background onto each card so that it will take the acrylic colors that I put on in the next phase.

  • Michael_Cooksey
    Michael_Cooksey Seattle, WA, USA Administrator

    @AdamK12, this is so exciting to see. Can't wait to see a finished version of one of the cards! 😀

  • AmaraW
    AmaraW Seattle, WA, USA Administrator

    @MattiasM, @SteveBelgraver, @AdamK12, @Theodor_Zus, @cbhavsar, @lizb311 I just wanted to let you all know that your openness and thoughtful responses led @Michael_Cooksey and I to start our own XM Community Team for the 5K events! All XM Community members are encouraged to join the team, which you can do here.  Alternatively, donate to the cause here!

  • AdamK12
    AdamK12 Bethesda, MD Superuser ✭✭✭✭

    I just joined--glad to hear about it!

  • IsabelPosada_Voce
    IsabelPosada_Voce Medellin, Colombia Guru ✭✭
    edited May 10

    Great events! and great campaign, hope to have soon one of those In person events for LATAM😎

  • Michael_Cooksey
    Michael_Cooksey Seattle, WA, USA Administrator

    Hi @IsabelPosada_Voce, I will share that feedback with the team! In the meantime, you can still participate by doing your own 5K in your neighborhood or favorite park!

  • KOgles
    KOgles Pontiac, MI Guru ✭✭

    Love this ♥️

    I've donated and signed up for the virtual event. I fight for my mom who fought and won her battle with breast cancer 22 years ago and is now fighting stage 3 lung cancer. She's got a great medical team, and is almost done with chemo and radiation!

  • Michael_Cooksey
    Michael_Cooksey Seattle, WA, USA Administrator

    Hi there, @KOgles -- thank you for donating and signing up for the virtual event! We're so glad you're taking part this year. We are inspired to hear how your mother beat cancer previously, and naturally we're all behind you now in her latest fight ❤️ Glad to hear she has a great team around her and great family support from you!

  • bgooldfed
    bgooldfed Victoria, Australia Guru ✭✭

    This is great - I lost a family member to cancer a few years ago and have seen my friends battle through it with their families too. It's always wonderful to see such great causes happening to kick its butt.

    I used to run a 5k every week and have been getting that itch to work my cardio again - would 5k on the rowing machine count? :)

  • Michael_Cooksey
    Michael_Cooksey Seattle, WA, USA Administrator

    @bgooldfed I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your family member and you're right -- this is something that seems to affect everyone's families in some way or another, unfortunately ❤️

    Absolutely 5K on a rowing machine counts! We're encouraging people to be active or participate in any creative they wish!