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Embedding ChatGPT

  • 6 September 2023
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Hello, I want to embed ChatGPT into a Qualtrics survey so that survey respondents can have a live conversation with ChatGPT in a survey. I am wondering if this might be possible via Qualtrics Live Chat (QCS) or another method. I am a premium ChatGPT subscriber and have access to the API. 

Does anyone have experience trying to accomplish this? Any suggestions on where to start are gladly welcomed. 

Thanks in advance.

8 replies

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Hi @tspel12 

You can refer this for initial start This

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@tspel12 I don’t think a conversation is possible in the survey, there’s a flow in the survey and you don’t know how long is your conversation gonna go back and forth.

If you have access to API, I think you can slide some simple Ask&Answer with GPT via API inside the survey flow: Web Service (qualtrics.com). Not much of a conversation.

I’ve gone through the Social Connect traning & guide. QSC is more like a Social Listening/ Digital Customer Care I don’t think survey will kinda fit into it.

Let me know your thoughts

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thanks @dxconnamnguyen ! This is very helpful. 

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@tspel12 For a study I want to do the same. Did you manage to get it to work? And how?

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Looks like a very interesting setup, can somebody share the right guide of doing this.

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Embed ChatGPT in a survey | XM Community (qualtrics.com)


Hi ! This is very awesome , any news on this ? Or could someone share a thread or something ? Thanks !!

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Hi - I integrated chatGPT into a qualtrics survey by creating a question with a bunch of javascript, and dynamically altering page properties.  The resulting conversation is stored as JSON in embedded data. I posted the code on another thread. You can also see a demo survey leveraging the technique here. Hopefully it’s helpful.



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