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how to compare scores from survey completed weekly

  • 6 June 2023
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We send respondents unique links to a survey, that they complete weekly. Is there a way to compile their scores weekly in an email/ report to get sent to us, when they complete a new response?

2 replies

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I’m unclear on what you’re asking. Is it:

  • When a user completes a survey, you want all their previous scores sent to you along with their new one?
  • At a set time each week, you want a report of all users’ scores in aggregate?
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If your objective is to look at scores weekly by respondent, I suggest a weekly dashboard delivery of a dashboard looking at week-over-week scores with respondents in the row and a weekly view on the columns (if doing a table) or x-axis (if doing a line graph).  If you’re looking at the respondent-level, I’m assuming it’s a small enough set for review. This will also allow you to look at who hasn’t responded.

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