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🌎️ Going Global | Badge of the Month | June 2022



  • AmaraW
    AmaraW Chicago, IL, USA Administrator

    @SavannahH Indiana is a really cool state πŸ˜€ I got to go to the Indy 500 in college and I loved it!

  • Amy_Bow
    Amy_Bow Level 3 ●●●
    edited June 2022

    Born and bred on Long Island (New York) and have spent the last 20 or so years up the coast in Connecticut. I love seeing the leaves change and having deer romp in my yard!

  • bgooldfed
    bgooldfed Victoria, Australia Level 4 ●●●●

    I have lived in outer Melbourne, Australia all my life and - despite having travelled to many wonderful countries - I couldn't see myself anywhere else! Although it would be nice during the winter to have a warmer home in Queensland or a holiday escape to New Zealand...

  • ElieD
    ElieD QC, Canada QPN Level 3 ●●●

    I was first anticipating some difficulties with school but all of them overpass my expectations and they succeed their integration without concern.

    Because some are playing ice Hockey, we had to move very often across France for matches and tournaments. Another occasion to visit new places.

    My older will participate to a road trip camp in Italy this summer !

    I really think this year will have an impact for opening their mind and hope we will keep some contacts for long time.

  • dobra021
    dobra021 New York Level 3 ●●●

    I have lived in the midwest, but would love to live abroad at some point - perhaps Australia.

  • Amy_Bow
    Amy_Bow Level 3 ●●●

    What an amazing, diverse, global group. We can learn so much from each other in this community!

  • JulieRuss
    JulieRuss Green Bay, Wisconsin

    I lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota going to travel school. Otherwise lived my whole life in Wisconsin, majority of my life spent in Green Bay where I currently live. Go Packers! I would like to live somewhere warm in the states since winters are getting longer and I would prefer spending more time outside in some nicer, warmer weather in the winter months. Not a fan of shoveling or driving in winter weather.

  • Michael_Cooksey
    Michael_Cooksey Seattle, WA, USA Administrator

    @ISJ if I lived in Denmark, I'd never leave πŸ˜€ Absolutely my favorite place in the world.

    @JulieRuss: Wisconsin is great! I have been to Appleton and Green Bay, but I agree, shoveling snow gets tiring after a while...

  • Michael_Cooksey
    Michael_Cooksey Seattle, WA, USA Administrator

    @Amy_Bow Indeed! It's fascinating to learn where our fellow community members are from and how global our community is! XM folks can learn from and connect with anyone in the world! 🌍️

    We are truly on every continent (yes, even Antarctica) β„οΈπŸ˜€

  • Michael_Cooksey
    Michael_Cooksey Seattle, WA, USA Administrator

    @MattiasM what a great photo! And how cool to have lived in so many interesting and unique places πŸ˜Žβ˜€οΈ

  • MatthewM
    MatthewM Chicago, IL Level 5 ●●●●●

    @MattiasM What an adorable photo. I've been to Lund! My wife has relatives living there. We hope to return to visit again!

  • CarolK
    CarolK East Coast USA Level 4 ●●●●

    I love seeing all of the places far and wide our community comes from!

    I will admit that it's also making me update my travel wishlist :)

  • tmquash01
    tmquash01 Washington, D.C. Level 2 ●●

    I have lived in New York (close to Syracuse), Boston, Connecticut, Los Angeles, Indiana, Virginia, Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, and Tunisia. I live in Northern Virginia now but would LOVE to move back to Los Angeles.

  • DashboardNinja
    DashboardNinja Livonia, MI QPN Level 2 ●●

    I lived in Ohio, Michigan, and Tennessee. Would love to live half the year in Alaska and the other half in San Diego. And I love to visit other countries.

  • I have lived at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. I currently live in Dayton, Ohio. Not sure where I would like to live.

  • I have lived most of my life in Southern California - mostly Orange County. I was born in Bristol in the UK. My family immigrated to the US when I was 2 years old. We lived briefly in Philadelphia before moving to Long Beach and then settling in Orange County.

  • ColbyA
    ColbyA Louisiana Level 4 ●●●●

    Where have you lived?

    My entire life has been in Louisiana, but hopping around to a few different areas. I grew up near Baton Rouge (capital city), lived in Thibodaux for a while to start college, and moved to Lafayette to continue college.

    Where do you live?

    Right now our family (wife and our son) live in a suburb of Lafayette. As of right now we are right smack in the middle of both families, so road trips to visit are relatively easy to do. Lafayette at one time was voted one of the happiest cities in the country, to which we can certainly vouch!

    Alternatively, where do you want to live?

    Great question! One time I interviewed for a position in Virginia, unfortunate that did not work out because the state is beautiful. Other than that we are considering Pennsylvania or Florida soon as I want to continue further in grad school.

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