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πŸ‘‹ Community Introductions



  • Michael_Cooksey
    Michael_Cooksey Seattle, WA, USA Administrator
    edited February 2

    Hello Austin -- I'm Michael, and I'm the Head of Community here at Qualtrics. I want to extend a warm welcome to you and let you know we're so pleased you're a part of the Community.

    If there is ever anything I can assist with, please don't hesitate to let me know or send me a DM.

    Welcome to the XM Community!

  • NBristol
    NBristol Salt Lake City Level 1 ●

    Hi everyone! I'm Nicole and I'm the XM Specialist for a telecommunications company. I'm new to Qualtrics and the XM Community. I can't wait to learn everything Qualtrics has to offer and be a part of this amazing community!

  • JoseS
    JoseS Provo, Utah, USA Administrator

    Hello Nicole, welcome to the XM Community! We are happy to have you here and hope you learn everything you want to about Qualtrics. 😁

  • Michelle_P
    Michelle_P Nottingham

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Michelle and I currently work in HR, looking after employee engagement, for a large gas distribution company based in the UK. We're at the start of our EX Journey and are hoping to grow closer to our people, and gain more insights to help drive positive change by using Qualtrics.

    I live in Nottingham with my two sons and our cat called Pumpkin. We have the Peak District close by which is great for hiking and amazing views - you feel very small at the top of Kinder Scout!

    My background is Internal Communications and HR Change so moving into EX feels like a natural progression, though it can feel overwhelming. Where do I start?? πŸ˜‚

    Would love to hear from anyone who has experience engaging Exec teams with EX, getting them to invest time and resource, aligning EX data with business goals etc. Or engaging field engineers. Our teams are largely field based with limited access to many of our digital channels so we struggle to get them involved. Finally, I'm a newbie to the world of Qualtrics so I'll be teaching myself the basics over the coming weeks - any top tips are most welcome. 😁

    I look forward to connecting!


  • Michael_Cooksey
    Michael_Cooksey Seattle, WA, USA Administrator

    Welcome, @Michelle_P! We're thrilled you've joined the XM Community! πŸ€“

  • Hello all! I'm Delilah and I am an administrator for a K-12 school district in SE Oklahoma. I'm new to Qualtrics, so I'm looking forward to collaborating with this community.

  • Leana
    Leana Pretoria, South Africa

    Hi there!

    I'm Leana and I am a researcher and academic at an open-distance education university in South Africa. I'm new to Qualtrics, but I have used other survey software like LimeSurvey and MS Forms. Looking forward to learning from the community!

  • JoseS
    JoseS Provo, Utah, USA Administrator

    Hello Delilah, welcome to the XM Community! I'm sure your collaboration with our community will help you become a Qualtrics Expert in no time. ☺️

  • JoseS
    JoseS Provo, Utah, USA Administrator

    Welcome, Leana! We are happy to have you be part of our community. 🀩

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm Monica and am a Culture & Organization Development Manager at Pella Windows & Doors. I'm an eager student of all things Qualtrics as we just did our first EX survey in December 2022. I look forward to learning with and from you all! I'm newer to manufacturing after a career in financial services so would welcome insight especially from those of you in manufacturing organizations. Thank you!

  • JoseS
    JoseS Provo, Utah, USA Administrator

    Hello Monica! Welcome to the XM Community, we are happy to have you join us. I hope we are able to assist you in your Qualtrics learning journey. ☺️

  • Hello!! I'm Jennifer from Addition Financial in Central Florida. I am an analyst with our Member Experience team and have been using Qualtrics for almost a year. We mainly use it for surveying our members and recently started using it for our team members. I am hoping to network with other Financial institutions or other member experience departments to see how they use Qualtrics.

  • D_Rodrigues
    D_Rodrigues Level 1 ●

    My name is Dawn and im the voice of a customer manager at Collette. I started the role in November and will eventually be taking care of all Qualtrics related duties so want to use all available resources I can!

  • JoseS
    JoseS Provo, Utah, USA Administrator

    Hello Jennifer, welcome to the XM Community! I'm very glad to hear that your company has recently started focusing on employee experience. I hope you learn new best practices that other institutions like yours use. 😁

  • JoseS
    JoseS Provo, Utah, USA Administrator

    Welcome, @D_Rodrigues! We are happy to have you in the XM Community. Although I might be biased, I would definitely say you're in the right place to learn as much as possible about Qualtrics! πŸ˜„

  • krbhavya
    krbhavya Level 1 ●

    Hi everyone,

    My Name is Bhavya Kumar. I am from Delhi, India. I am a Business Analyst in Wipro. Working on CX programs from past 1 year. Planning for do some certification in future. Very excited to join XM Community.

  • Cheers! I'm Sewan Yun.

    I've played the role of Brand Administrator of Qualtics EX solution within the HR organization of banks in Korea from last year. The main role in the bank is HR Analyst, which mainly combines HRIS (SuccessFactors) data with feedback collected from Qualtrics.

    The Qualtrics Basecamp platform was very helpful because it explained the basic ideas and functions of using Qualtrics very well.

    Recently I've got 2 certifications, Qualtrics Platform Essentials Certification(L1), EmployeeXM Expert Certification(L2).

    I'm going to hear various examples from the Qualtrics community, and try to make it happen.

  • JoseS
    JoseS Provo, Utah, USA Administrator

    Hello @krbhavya, welcome to the XM Community! I wish you the best of luck with your future certifications. I am sure you'll find some helpful resources while using the XM Community. 😁

  • JoseS
    JoseS Provo, Utah, USA Administrator

    Welcome, @SewanYun! I am glad to hear you enjoyed your Basecamp experience. We have a weekly Basecamp Wednesdays series that highlights platform features from Basecamp videos that you might enjoy! Congratulations on acquiring your recent certifications. We are happy to have you here. πŸ€—