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Hi everyone,

In my survey I set up 5 Loop&Merge fields, containing 8 images each. My survey logic will display only one Loop&Merge field to each participant. The issue is that I would like to present the 8 images of each Field in random order, but I also need to know the order in which each image is displayed. Unfortunately, Qualtrics does not export this information, is there a way I could access it?

Thanks so much for your help!

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  • ahmedA
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    From what I understand, you have set up loop and merge in a way that a person will see 8 images. The 4 other fields are meta data.

    If this is the case, then one way to go about it would be, to create an embedded variable which tracks the display order. Create a loop and merge field which is a unique identifier for each image. Something like Field 6 (img1, img2 ...). Add the following JS to the loop and merge question:

        var_name = "${lm://Field/6}" + "_display_order";

    This will create 8 embedded variables with names (img1_display_order, img2_display_order etc.). Their values will be from 1 to 8 indicating when the order in which they were displayed to the participants.

  • ahmedA
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    Okay. So then you are doing it wrong.

    Don't create 5 fields, create 5 blocks. Each containing 8 images of the loop and merge set. But these blocks in a randomizer and select to display only one.

    Then run and see, you should get the desired results.

  • ahmedA
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    Here's a demo you can look at:

    Take it a few times and you'll see what I mean.

    And the attached QSF for your reference.


  • FovoLab
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    Hi @ahmedA, thank you so much for your reply--I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, what you suggest did not solve my problem, but perhaps it is because I did not explain my issue correctly... I have 5 Fields in my Loop&Merge question. Each of these 5 Fields contains a different list of 8 images. I previously set up a display logic so that each participant will see only one Field-- corresponding to a list.

    Following your suggestion, I created an embedded data called 'var_name', added your script to the Loop&Merge question and created Field 6 identifying each variable. However, the 'var_name' column is empty in the export. Any suggestion about why this might be the case would be welcome!

  • FovoLab
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    @ahmedA your demo works wonderfully! Thank you so much 🙏

  • JeanNicod
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    hello ahmedA !

    I am sorry to bring back this topic now, but I would like to create an embedded variable which tracks the display order, so I am trying to do the solution you proposed, but I am new to Qualtrics and I am struggling. Could you detail your solution ?

    In particular, what do you mean by "create a loop and merge field" ?

    I hope you will see this..

    Thanks a lot !