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Exit feedback, lifecycle survey dashboard disappeared need help with how to bring it back or best solution

  • 23 April 2024
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We created the exit feedback from the guided template thinking that the dashboard will populate automatically. However we have no clue if someone has gone and deleted the dashboard by mistake or while created we copied the project and not created from scratch. Now we are in place there is no template to populate the dashboard. We are new to Qualtrics hence not good with dashboard building yet. Is there a way we can import the template to the current project? As we do not want to create the project from scratch as all the API and everything has set up with the help of the consultant.

3 replies

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Hi @Jai 


Unfortunately, Qualtrics doesn't provide a direct way to import a dashboard template into an existing project. However, there are a few steps you can take to potentially resolve this issue:

  1. Check for Deleted Dashboards: First, make sure that the dashboard hasn't been deleted accidentally. You can do this by accessing the "Project History" or "Deleted Items" section in your Qualtrics account to see if the dashboard is there and can be restored.

  2. Explore Project Copies: If you mentioned that the project was copied at some point, check if the original project still has the dashboard intact. If it does, you might be able to copy the dashboard from the original project to the current one.

  3. Consult Qualtrics Support: Reach out to Qualtrics support for assistance. They might have tools or methods to help you recover or recreate the dashboard more efficiently.

  4. Dashboard Reconstruction: If none of the above options work, you might need to manually recreate the dashboard. While this may seem daunting, you can use Qualtrics' dashboard building tools along with any available documentation or guidance to help you through the process. 

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Reach out to Qualtrics support team with the survey ID, if the dashboard was deleted within the last 48 hours, they should be able to recover it.

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Hi @gharatsarvesh9  and @RickB  we have contacted the Qualtrics however we could not recover the dashboard we had to build the new exit with the template. Unfortunately we are could not find the reason why it has happened as it was not deleted it seems.

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