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Restricting metadata from being importated into a project

  • 21 June 2021
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Hello all,
still very new to Qualtrics, so please forgive my Qubie questions. lol. Can you restict a user from being able to pull specific metadata fields from the directory when importing participants for a project (survey)? We would like to allow user to create their own suveys, however, would like to restrict the ability from pulling some of the personal data we store in the directory. (e.g. Age, Date of Birth). Can a user have the ability to import participants from the directory but not import all metadata?
Thank you

2 replies


Hi @Maureen_Ahlmann, did you find a solution to this by any chance? We’re facing the same challenge, in that we want some users to have full ownership of their surveys (including pulling in participants), but don’t want them to be able to click into the participant to see their metadata (specifically any sensitive EDI data). Would be great to connect and see if you found a work around!

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@Maureen_Ahlmann  check this link  Data Access Settings you can use this function to restrict who can and can not access metadata.

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