📚️ Exporting and Importing Data | Basecamp Wednesdays | June 7th 2023 | XM Community

📚️ Exporting and Importing Data | Basecamp Wednesdays | June 7th 2023

📚️ Exporting and Importing Data | Basecamp Wednesdays | June 7th 2023
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What is Basecamp Wednesdays?


Every Wednesday we will look at different topics discussed on XM Basecamp and provide a brief description of the Basecamp resource.

Whether you’re just getting started on your XM journey or ready to take your program to the next level, this weekly series is meant to help all users find Basecamp resources. 


Basecamp Wednesdays | June 7th 2023

Topic: Exporting and Importing Data


Whether you need your survey data in a specific file format or you need to import data to your survey that you’ve collected offline, the Data & Analysis tab allows you to quickly accomplish both tasks.


Although CSV exports are the most popular, it is best practice to export as a TSV file when your data contains special characters. You also have the ability to customize your export by only downloading the data displayed on the Data & Analysis tab, deciding if metadata should be included, and whether or not to display recode values.


The most efficient way to import data is to export a CSV or TSV file from your survey and configure every field of imported data to be stored via a survey question or embedded data field. Begin analyzing different aspects of your data by customizing your data exports today!


Where to find this course:

  1. Go to XM Basecamp.
  2. Search for Understanding Your Research Feedback.
  3. Click Register.
  4. Find the Managing Your Responses to Better Understand Your Raw Data section.
  5. Select the Exporting and Importing Data video.


Basecamp LinkExporting and Importing Data

Qualtrics Resources: 

Questions of the Week: Which file format do you typically export your data in?

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