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Splitting OE box

  • 11 August 2018
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I want one open end box to be splitted in to 3 parts like when we enter our card details. Is it possible to split it horizontally and have data stored as one field and first box should have 6 digit second box 4 and 3rd box have 6 digit and it automatically enter to second box when first box have 6 digit and so on.

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3 replies

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Add your own text input fields before the Qualtrics text input, and hide the Qualtrics real text input using JavaScript. Then add event handlers to your input fields to update your Qualtrics text input when the inputs change. Your event handlers can also handle validation (only allowing numbers) and move to the next field when the current one if full.
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Create 3 text entry question.
Add validation as "Number"
Limit the length for each text entry question
arrange them from left to right in one row
concatenate the data from 3 text entry question into 1.

Once you have done with checking, you can hide the text entry in which we are storing the entire card number.

Attached is the qsf.

https://community.qualtrics.com/XMcommunity/discussion/comment/4850#Comment_4850lam having a hard time opening that qsf file...any help

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