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Creating a sum using embedded data to create survey display logic.

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Hopefully someone can help, I have read the suggested post Using JavaScript with Embedded Data and/or selected choices. | XM Community ( but I don’t think that is quite what I need.

In my contact files I have two embedded data fields, a quoted value and an actual value and want to use display logic for questions based on outcome for a customer, ( actual => quoted for one question and another branch where actual < quoted). 

Hopefully that makes sense and there is a way to handle this in Qualtrics rather than at source.



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Hi @Craig Ellery ,


Instead of display logic, you can set up branch logic in the survey flow for the 2 conditions.


First, add embedded data of “quotevalue” and “actualvalue” from your contacts.

Second, set up your 2-branch condition and have another embedded data “displayvalue” be the result to display.

Finally, piped in the embedded data “displayvalue” in your question.



“quotevalue”, “actualvalue” and “displayvalue” is just variable names, you can use other names.

Survey flow
Question with piped text


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Hey Chee Heng_SZ

Thank you so much for the recommendation, it gave me a great starting point.

I’ve coded the display values applied branch logic and it is working as desired.





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