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Longitudinal study design for folks w/out email addresses

  • 2 December 2023
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I would super appreciate some advice or support with survey development.

I’m working on a research project where participants take a Qualtrics survey at four different timepoints (M1, M2, M3, M4). A unique aspect of our study is many in our population do not have email addresses. However, we are able to be in-person with participants.

I’m hoping for suggestions on a method to connect these surveys so data from M1 can feed into the M2 survey for each participant, that does not require ppt email addresses.

If anyone in this community has encountered a similar situation or has suggestions on how to address; it would be appreciated!

Thank you!


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@skolde you can generate a generic link, or individual links to the survey and then load these url’s on an computer or Ipad when you are with the respondent.  Given your f2f you have a few options you can do this, as you can have the links pre-loaded onto a device from a survey you generate.

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